Route to Membership Guide


1. Complete the Membership application form, which can be downloaded from this page. N.B. In the first instance and in ALL cases application will be for Social Membership.


2. Please send the completed Application Form to the address shown on the form. A photograph of the applicant must be supplied before the application can be processed. Application Forms must be FULLY completed and should (if possible) include the name and signature of both Proposer and Seconder and how long they have known the Applicant, however we have recently changed the rules to allow candidates who are not known to any existing Members to apply.


3. Upon receipt of the completed application form a copy will be exhibited on the Club Notice Board for at least 7 days. Any interview will normally be held in the Clubhouse and will be before a panel of 4 Members of the Management Committee. If there are no objections to the application a successful applicant is notified in writing (this may be by email) and requested to pay the appropriate Social Membership subscription. Upon payment of this Subscription fee the successful applicant becomes a Strood Yacht Club Social Member and is sent a Membership card and a copy of the current tide table/diary (if available).


4. The new Social Member will be required to support the club and demonstrate a commitment to it and will be on probation for a period of at least two years.


5. Any person wishing to keep a boat at Strood Yacht Club, either on a pontoon mooring, a mud berth or a land berth must be a Full Member. Under current rules any persons wishing to become a Full Member must first be a Social Member for a minimum period of 9 months before they can be considered.


6. When vacancies occur suitable candidates will be selected from Social Members that have fulfilled the qualifying period and demonstrated suitable commitment to the club. Candidates will be asked to attend an interview before the full Committee during a Committee Meeting (usually on the first Monday evening of the month).


7. Social Members applying for Full Membership usually do so having already stated a desire for a berth for their boat and such a berth being available (see additional notes below).


8. Successful applicants for Full Membership will be required to pay a one-time Joining Fee plus the Annual Membership Fee, together with any other fees which may be appropriate (berthing, mooring, etc.). A table of current fees can be found on the Club's notice board in the Clubhouse.


Additional Notes:


The Club Rules allow for a maximum of 50 Social Members (from time to time there is a waiting list).


Boats moored on the pontoons at SYC are limited to a maximum of 40ft (12.2m) overall length. There is usually a waiting list for pontoon moorings. Existing Full Members take priority in allocation of moorings and this also applies when such Members change their boat and there is a change of berthing requirement, e.g. increased length. The Club’s Mooring Master works hard to accommodate as many boats as possible and deals with applications fairly; but the wait for a mooring could be as much as three years or more.


Strood Yacht Club has excellent facilities: All tide pontoon moorings, Mud berths, Land berths, Dry docks, Slipway, Crane, car parking, Clubhouse with full facilities and easy access to good shopping and local tourist attractions and transport.


The Club also runs varied motor cruising, sailing and social programs which Social Members are encouraged to join in. If berths are available a Social Member can temporarily berth their boat on the Club's pontoons after obtaining the Mooring Masters permission and upon the payment of a visitors mooring fee.


The Club and its extensive facilities have been achieved through the hard work, expense and dedication of Members since the Club’s founding in 1945. New Members are the inheritors of the facilities and the beneficiaries of that hard work, expense and dedication. It is the duty of all members to contribute to its well-being and development. If you only want to moor your boat and sit back and let someone else do all the work you should not join SYC, please go to a Marina. However, getting involved in Club life and its activities can give you immense satisfaction, a new interest in your life and a wider circle of friends. TRY IT!


N.B. To comply with Data Protection Regulations your application form will be destroyed if you do not join the club, otherwise it will be securely kept and your details will be held in computer records. You have a right to ask us for a copy of the personal data we hold about you.


Strood Yacht Club application for Social Membership
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Fees for 2020/21
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Where to Find Us

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How to find Strood Yacht Club
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