Dry Docks: Members Information

Booking Forms for the three Dry Docks are available in the Members' Area

For the Dry Docks Calendar,  please check the Members' Noticeboard in the Clubhouse for the latest version.    


Bookings for 2021/22 are being taken by Stuart Coward

Instructions for use of SYC Dry Docks

Please follow all these instructions carefully before starting to use the dock:

1          When the dry dock is empty, position the blocks for your keel so that your propellers and rudder can’t be damaged i.e. in the same positions as you would for straps if the boat was being lifted by a crane

2          Check your bilge pump is working

3          Remove flood board in the dry dock opening

4          Open ALL dry dock valves fully before the dock is floating

5          When dock has flooded, position your boat

6          As water ebbs stay off your boat and tighten lines as necessary

7          As the boat settles ensure all lines are tight to balance it

8          Pump out the water in the dock but...

9          As soon as possible get under your boat and fit acrow props

10        When the dry dock is fully drained, replace the flood board and fully close all valves, checking for debris

11        Never open valves when the dry dock is floating

     12        Don’t leave your vessel unattended until everything has settled

     13        After lots of rain check the dry dock and pump out if necessary

     14        Please note that the support (acrow) props you may find in the dry docks are not the property of SYC but                 owned by a member of the club.  It is entirely your responsibility whichever props you use.


Where to Find Us

Strood Yacht Club     Temple Manor Marsh     

Knight Road     Strood     Kent     ME2 2AH                 

Email:  info@stroodyachtclub.uk 

Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/groups/Stroodyachtclub/ 

Tel: 01634 718 261

How to find Strood Yacht Club
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